Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful { for Chickens }

Princess came home with an absolutely beautiful book that her entire class put together. Each child wrote a sentence and then drew a lovely picture.

Her classmates were thankful for God, baby brothers, moms, dads, family, baby Jesus.

And my little Princess? Well she was thankful for CHICKEN.

She doesn't even eat chicken. Nor is she ever around live chickens.

I had to laugh. Let's count all the things little Princess should be thankful for--complete healing, a wonderful therapist, occupational therapy that is really making a difference in her life, health, hearing. Oh the list goes on.

But my little Princess doesn't see those things. No she is just an ordinary kid, going about her ordinary life, and is blind to the extraordinary miracles that make up her life. She does not see herself as the child who almost didn't survive past the age of two, who waited way too long for open heart surgery, who was almost deaf, who didn't know how to eat or swallow until almost 3 years old, who suffered more trauma than anyone I know.

Nope her life is chickens.

I'm pretty happy she views herself like that.

She's happy.

And that makes this mama very thankful.


  1. Hey...did you know that you can donate a flock of chickens to a village through Heiffer International?! It only costs $20. Our GS troop is going to do it. What a great gift that keeps on giving, right??? Maybe your little cutie would love the idea of sharing her love for chickens, Amy!!!!

  2. Amy,
    Email me again. I didn't get it.

  3. That is so sweet!!! Thanks for visiting me Martha! I appreciate it!! :)

  4. I found your blog while looking for an adoption blog hop, and I'm so glad I did! My son and his wife are anticipating bringing a little girl home from India, and we're all deep in the adoption process. Their adoption video is up on my blog right now with a link to theirs, too. I'm a boy mom, so I get that "crazy, rowdy two boy" thing -- except we had four! Great to "meet" you!

  5. First of all, thank you.
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