This is a story for my daughter who somehow ended up in an orphanage in Beijing, China.
She started questioning her past.
What did her birth mom look like?
Who took care of her?
How did she get to the orphanage?
Huge gaps of her life are missing.
And I can't fill them in.
So this isn't really my daughter's story.It's her what might have, what could have, what maybe happened story.
It's a story that every child who comes from China is missing. Thanks to the work of my wonderful friend and artist Cassie, my daughter now has a picture of a young Chinese woman holding a baby. Of nannies in the orphanage. Of me waiting for her at home.
Of the tears that came along with that.
Because adoption is sad, joyous, exciting, hard, heartbreaking, overwhelming, and a hundred other emotions all rolled into one.
And I wrote it, because my daughter, who I cried for every single day she waited for me sick and alone in the orphanage, deserves to have a what if story to help her fill in those gaps. Because there are some things we will never know. And as her mom, it's my job to help her fill in those gaps.

And it's a story I want other children from China to have.
One Thousand And One Tears is available on Or you can order a hardcover signed copy from me.