Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Princess has discovered swords.

These were once banned in my house. As were guns, camouflage, and any other war-like toy. But when my oldest started school he was the only boy in the class without a water gun. So he built them out of paper, Lego's, blocks, and anything else he could get his hands on. So my husband decided that Joshua was getting a water gun and then he wouldn't be so obsessed with them.

He was right.

And over the years our arsenal has grown. We now have enough "weapons" for a party of 20. They are mostly Nerf, and I still insist if it looks real it can't come home with us. The boys battle every night. And Princess has started to join in. She whacks them on the head, it's ever so gently because she is so tiny, and they fall down and play dead.

Tonight this went on for hours. And they giggled and giggled and giggled.

Dare I say they are siblings who like (notice not LOVE) each other. Love and like are two different things. Like means they want to spend time with each other, they want to play with each other, they look forward to seeing each other.

When you bring a child home, in your head and heart they are part of the family. Period. But in reality, at least in my house, it has taken time for the kids to adjust and to see her as one of the gang.

She's getting there. She is slowly becoming one of "them."

She's a princess with two princes for brothers. She proudly showed me her Hello Kitty purse today. Inside was a Nerf bullet, a rubber snake, and a Star Wars Lego guy.

That's my girl!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post on TC and look forward to reading more of your blog. blessings, Amy

  2. Oh that is sooo my little girl too. Her Ni Hao Kai Lan purse has the SAME things in it. LOL

  3. Hi! Dianne Ford found your blog and just sent me the link. You may not remember us, but we were all in China at the same time as you. We met you in Beijing at the government offices. Our little girls were adopted from Beijing orphanage as well. Dianne doesn't have a blog, but please stop by mine as see how our Lili is doing. So glad little Evie is doing so well. I was seriously worried about her and have often wondered how she is doing now. My blog: chinadollquest.blogspot.com
    With love, Christine Boothe

  4. In a house with one 18 year old daughter and then a string of three sons, I totally get this post. I am glad Evie is feeling a part of the gang. It is such a great thing to watch unfold. :)