Monday, February 22, 2010

I Love Amoxicilian

It's off to school we go tomorrow!

The Big Boy took his third dose this morning. When we dropped the Middle One off at preschool, I told the Big Boy to "look sicker" while we were there. He looked like he could have been at school, but I think his body needed a day of rest.

We drove all the way downtown to get  Princess' ear drained. The ENT came in, took a look, and said her ears were clear. It took less than five minutes.

So tomorrow we're up early. The bus comes for Joshua at 7:51. The two little guys and I head to speech at 8:15. Then off to Little Lambs at 9:00 and MOPS at 9:15. I usually hate Tuesdays because it's such a hectic morning getting them all out of the house by 8:15, but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

We'll be back with the living!

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  1. It takes days of sickness to appreciate the joys of chaotic normal days. :)

    Now that I'm working part time, I truly cherish the days I don't work and have a hard time remembering all the days/months/years where I was 'just' home every day. It's all relative, isn't it?