Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucy's Day of Hope

Thank you, thank you, thank you for standing by Lucy and calling out her name before our Heavenly Father. Thank you for caring for this child who most of us will never meet. Thank you for loving the precious orphans of China.

Lucy is already a miracle. That she has survived and is stable with her complex heart condition is only by the hand of God. That instead of letting her perish in an orphanage someone somewhere in China decided to get her paper ready for adoption. God is working. He will continue to work in her life.

We may never know how Lucy's life turns out. We may never see an answer to our day of prayer. But we can take comfort that God does hear our prayers. He loves Lucy more than we can imagine.

Like all of you, I pray for a family to step forward in faith. I pray that whatever Lucy's medical outcome is that this extraordinary family will find strength through Christ to love her, care for her, and be blessed by the joy of parenting this precious child.

Yes, today is a hopeful day! Thank you for praying!


  1. Yahoo! So thrilled to be praying with everyone today! What an honor to do this for sweet Lucy! Thanks again for putting this together!

  2. Praying for Lucy!
    Mom of a newly adopted 3 year old heart child from China and a 5 year old bio. son.
    God Bless her and help her find a family to love and adore her.

  3. Although we missed the day of prayer for Lucy, my family will be praying for a family for this precious treasure. May God minister to your heart as you advocate for a family for her....