Sunday, September 13, 2009

August 18: Passports

Once Princess started smiling, she never stopped. In just a few hours, she went from newborn to toddler. She cruised around our hotel room and even started babbling. We taught her sign-language, which she picked up in a matter of hours.

Part of the reason the adoption trip to China is two weeks is to complete paperwork and to allow enough time to process the child's passport. Most provinces can process a passport in a week--except Beijing. They usually take 10 days to process a passport, making the trip three weeks. I was already so homesick for my boys, I was physically ill. I absolutely couldn't imagine waiting another week for a passport.

Susan took us to the passport facility where we met five other American families adopting children. All of the children were from the same orphanage, although Princess didn't seem to recognize any of them. We all applied for passports at the same time and were all given receipts to pick up our passport in 10 days.

Susan shook her head, went back to the counter, and came back with an emergency passport receipt. Princess could receive her passport in five days. The others, expect one other family, did not receive emergency passports.

When I prayed for mercy for Princess, I was simply praying about shots and blood draws. But God, in all of his awesomeness, extended that mercy to emergency passports and smiles.

Princess--who probably hadn't ever laughed--now had a loud belly laugh that was absolutely contagious.

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