Friday, September 4, 2009

August 14: Taking Flight

On August 14 we boarded a direct flight to Beijing China. It was 14 hours and neither of us slept. In less than 24 hours we'd meet our daughter for the first time. I had two major concerns. First, that we'd get quarantined once we got off the flight because we'd have an elevated temperature or someone near us would have a temperature. China had in the past quarantined entire flights because they were afraid of Swine Flu. And secondly, that Evie would be TB positive.

TB had been on my mind a lot. On July 1, the US passed a law that states no immigrant may enter the United States with TB. Unfortunately, adopted children were included under the law because they are not granted citizenship until they step foot on US soil, even though the adoption is completed in China. It also doesn't matter that children can rarely spread the disease. For the past few weeks, I'd been following a family's blog whose daughter did test positive for TB. They could either stay with her during the treatment, which lasts 6 to 9 months or they could leave her. They had to go home because of jobs and other children. It was heartbreaking. And it was my nightmare.

As the plane touched down in Beijing, I prayed that we wouldn't get quarantined and Princess would have a TB negative test.

We got off the plane and had our temperatures taken by security wearing surgical masks and were allowed to go. Our guide, Susan, meet us at baggage claim.

"I just found out your daughter tested positive for TB," she told us.

I dropped my bag. I hadn't even left the airport and I was already questioning God. Would you really bring us all this way to make us leave her behind? Or do you really intend for me to stay in China for six months or more?

I knew the answer to both questions was yes.

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