Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Not Cute

You know what is not cute? A little girl in super girly pink PJ's who stinks like skunk.

On Thursday night, I let our 10 year old dog, Portia, out before heading to bed. Before I shut the door she was sprayed by a skunk...right in the face. And right in our kitchen. Portia was foaming at the mouth, dancing around in circles, completely shocked. Poor girl.

It only took minutes before the smell was throughout the entire house. My Big Boy woke up and asked what had died. And at midnight Jonathan had to go to the store to get tomato juice, which by the way doesn't really work. We had to give Portia a tomato juice bath on the back deck and it was freezing and stinky and just really disgusting.

My poor hubby had meetings the next day. He asked his assistant to sniff him and she said he was OK to do a presentation. And my little guy's teacher assured me she could only smell me when she got really, really close.

Geesh! Don't you just love to ask people to smell you? And then honestly tell you if you stink?

OK I love my dog, but this about puts me over the edge. After spending almost all day cleaning and disinfecting it still smells in the house. It reminds me of someone who wore too much perfume, but you can still smell them long after they've left the room.

Five showers later, I wonder if you can still smell me after I leave the room. Guess I'll have to go ask my neighbor.


  1. Oh my! You have my sympathy!!! We've never dealt with skunk spray, but I can only imagine how horrible it is! HUGS!!!

  2. YIKES, I keep telling my husband something like that will happen to us with all the wild critters he feeds behind our house!
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  3. I am so sorry that happened. I've almost had that happened once. It is probably more embarrsing than ever to have to ask someone to smell you. I hope it doesn't happen again.

  4. Omg I'm so happy that we don't live in an area with skunks. Tomato juice really doesn't work?

    Better late than never! :) Following from Friday Follow. I hope you follow us back and return the favor!! :)