Thursday, July 12, 2012

They Laughed At Her

My claws are out. And I am ready to pounce.

Yesterday, I took my girl to have her eyes examined. When she is in a new environment, especially a doctor's office, she gets nervous. And acts silly. And sings. And laughs. A lot. And, well, she becomes a handful. But if you talk quietly to her, she usually calms down.

When we were finally called, the doctor took one look and her and exclaimed, "Oh brother. I have to exam HER?"

Instead of telling her things, he barked orders at me to tell her. He acted like she wasn't even in the room. And it was obvious that he wanted nothing to do with my girl.

But it gets worse.

When we were done, an employee at the front desk asked me how it went. I told her that the doctor shouldn't work with kids. And I grabbed Princess' hand to leave.

As I turned, she rolled her eyes at my girl, whispered something to some customers, and they all laughed.

At my daughter.

At my girl who obviously has special needs. Who needs a little extra grace. And if only they knew how much trauma she has been through. How many doctors have hurt her. How she had open heart surgery all by herself in China. But, you can't really explain that to people.

I was upset at the doctor. But the laughing? At a little girl?

As I drove home, my heart crumbled for my poor girl. Who, sadly, will meet so many more people in her life who laugh at and make fun of her.

But she is so much more. Yes, she can been a handful. But this feisty little girl is a miracle. She is no accident. And that is her true worth.


  1. My daughter's firstbexperience at an eye drvwasvawful too. He was loud and even the nurse told him he was scaring her. We both changed and go to another, caring eye dr. The first was mean to his staff but when he scared my kid...we were gone. How sad that the staff was rude too. They need a lot of prayer.

  2. Wow. I would have been livid. How dare they.

  3. Oh, my! Reading this brings out the mama bear in me, too! I can't believe that happened and am so sorry you had to experience that.

  4. Just reading that makes my claws come out too. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that.

  5. OK, this really ticks me off.

    I really, really, really think you need to report that receptionist or whoever she was to the Office Manager. Might not do any good but how ridiculously unprofessional.

    As for the Dr. if you can find a different one, I'd recommend it. I once walked out on the "head" ENT at our Children's Hospital b/c he did the exact same thing talking like our DD wasn't in the room, but she had done nothing (not that Evie deserved what that Dr. did either). I think some Drs. would do well to NOT work with children.

  6. I'm so sorry you both had to endure that, we have been victims of such ignorance also. These people don't deserve the privilege of working with our dear, special children.

  7. I am so sorry that you had to endure this. I'm feeling a combination of things- anger at those who are oblivious to the emotional needs of a little girl in need of extra grace, and sorrow over their ignorance. Wow...

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