Thursday, August 23, 2012

Panda's For Lunch?

At 7:51 on Monday morning a bus will barrel down my street and my kids will be off. School brings lots of emotions.

I'm sad! What will I do without them?

I'm happy! Think what I can do without them.

Anxiety! What will I pack in those lunchboxes. Every. Single.Day.

So like a good mommy I did some research.

And I found this. Seriously cute. It's a Panda made out of rice and other yumminess.

There are people who can carve a flower out of a carrot. And mold sandwiches into cute little caterpillars! Who knew?

If you can do that, I'm envious. But I just don't see myself cutting cheese into little sunshines with big smiley faces made out of olives or raisins. Mommy's not that good with a knife.

So I am back to square one.

Any ideas?


  1. wow, that Panda {for lunch} is amazing....but way out of my ability!

    i struggle trying to come up with new things to pack for Shea and Avery. i did buy a bag of pistachios for them....apparently they 'love' pistachios, who knew? i do let them pick lunches each week from the hot lunch menu...that does seem to break up the monotony of packing a lunch every day.

  2. Hi, you posted on my blog (onemoremakesfour) about my post on anxious attachment and I'd love to converse more about that...I couldn't find a place to private email you so I'm posting mine I also noticed your daughter came home in 8/09 Sammy's Gotcha is 8/09/09 I wonder how close our trips were too!