Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Happy Workout Wednesday!

I dropped off Evie this afternoon, flew out the Kindergarten doors, clicking my heals because for the first time in a decade all of my kids are in one spot at the same time! I have exactly 3 hours and 8 kid-free minutes every single day.

Those sweet minutes fly by. When school started, I really thought I'd start training for my first half marathon (OK maybe not). I guess I was slightly delusional. But I really believed I'd be walking on a treadmill an hour a day. And for the first time since school started a week and a half ago, I did exactly 47 painful minutes on the treadmill.

I am so out of shape. The summer filled with vacations and desserts probably didn't help. So I feel like I'm starting at square one again. After sweating it out of the treadmill, walking up the steps actually makes me want to cry.

Even still, after joining the gym I've learned:
1. When people say you actually have more energy when you exercise, they aren't lying. I actually do! I don't want to collapse on the couch and take a nap anymore.

2. If you exercise your metabolism will go way up and you can eat just about anything you want. That is a vicious lie--even if I ran for 3 hours a day that bowl of icecream is still going to make me weigh 5 extra pounds in the morning.

3. If I just stopped eating my kids leftover macaroni and cheese, crackers, goldfish,chips, chicken nuggets and anything else they happen to leave on their plate, I might be able to enjoy that bowl of icecream without gaining 5 extra pounds. That is true. I've tested it.

I'll be back in the gym on Friday. This time with my girlfriends--which makes getting there even more worthwhile and fun.

Hope you can get out there and exercise!

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