Monday, September 17, 2012

Passing the Umbrella: {Seeing the Invisible}

A few weeks ago, we went to an outside church service. Like every other Sunday, we were running late. We didn't even think about grabbing an umbrella. As soon as we sat down, the skies opened. Everyone around us had an umbrella--meanwhile my poor kids huddled under my arms, desperately trying to stay dry.

It didn't take long for someone to take pity on us. He passed us his umbrella.  He stood in the rain and got wet, so my kids could stay dry.

I can't remember what that service was about, but my kids still talk about passing the umbrella. The guy didn't say a word to us. He simply handed us something we  needed.

Last week, we saw a homeless man that we've seen on and off since we moved six years ago. My middle guy wanted to give him food, which we didn't have in the car.  So he settled for praying for him. We quickly prayed that we would have an opportunity to help him.

Honestly, I didn't give the guy much thought after that. I saw him a few times wandering up and down the major street in our town. But I figured there was no real way for me to help him. He was invisible to everyone who sped up and down the street--even to me.

Fast forward to Saturday night. While we were eating dinner at a pretty nice restaurant, and the homeless man walked in. He chose the seat next to mine.

My kids noticed right away. And so did the waitress. She quickly assured us that he came in a few nights a week for a Coke and to get out of the cold. Then she asked if we wanted to switch tables.

To be honest, he smelled. Talked to himself. Swayed back and forth. Wore multiple layers of tattered clothes. I was a little taken aback.

But my kids were watching.

So instead we stayed put. And bought him dinner.

My prayer for my kids is that they will not only see invisible people, but actually do something. That they are brave enough to stay put, stand in the rain, and pass the umbrella.


  1. What an awesome story! I think it's wonderful that your son wanted to help this man. You're setting a wonderful example for your children and the world will be a better place for it!

  2. LOVE this! This is exactly what our Mass was about yesterday. Not just stating that we have faith...but demonstrating our faith by our actions. What a beautiful gesture and lasting experience for your kids. Well done:)

  3. I keep coming back to read this post ! I love this message and love what it tells your children. What a wonderful way to help your children learn.