Monday, August 10, 2009

Why 1001 Tears?

Funny name for a blog, right?
It's the name of the book I'm working on about the adoption journey. The title came to me one day after viewing a little girl's file who needed a heart transplant. Of course, she was beautiful and deserved a family who could pour love and energy into her. But I knew her special need was more than my family could handle. Still, I couldn't sleep the night I saw her picture. At about 2:00 in the morning, I got up and just started writing and praying. I prayed that another mother was crying 1001 tears for this little girl and would bring her home.

The next week, her file was no longer on the agency list. She'd found her mommy and daddy.

1001 Tears. I think there were days when I cried that many for The Princess. I cried that she wasn't with us, I cried that our paperwork took so long, I cried that someone would love her. And today, I cry tears of joy that she will be with us in a few short days.

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  1. What a great name for both the blog and the book about your journey! We will keep you all (especially little Evie) in our thoughts and prayers. We can't wait to meet her!