Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back at the Hospital With a Grumpy Girl

She's grumpy and highly annoyed by the tubes and all the poking and prodding.

Princess is a stubborn girl and when she doesn't want to do something. That's it. She's not doing it. She absolutely does not want to drink out of the syringe anymore. But she can't get released until she drinks. So we are holding her head and squirting it down her throat. She did eat a few bites of pudding, too. So hopefully, it will be enough and we'll get to go home this afternoon.

The inside of her mouth looks pretty nasty. They cut the roof in two different places then stretched her skin and stitched it together. It will grow as she grows.

She's very tired. She only slept in three hour stretches. Jonathan slept on a reclining chair next to her crib. We are thankfully in a private room.

I think she will do much better at home. We can't wait to get the OK to hit the road, because there truly is no place like home.

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