Friday, October 30, 2009

Early Morning Car Problems

The alarm sounded at 4:00 and we headed out the door at 4:45. Princess was sleepy, but talkative and all smiles. By 5:00 we knew something was terribly wrong with the minivan. Then engine felt like it was revving, then dying, the revving again. We got off 290 and headed back home. Thankfully we made it.

By 5:10 we had switched cars and were back on the road. We arrived at UIC at 5:45. Evie was still playful and happy. Then she got really happy (and a little tipsy) when the anesthesiologist gave her "happy medicine." It made her limbs floppy and eyes droopy.

Then we handed her off and watched her disappear into the OR.

My little guy's preschool teacher reminded me on Wednesday that when you hand over a child for surgery it's a reminder that that child isn't really yours. She's totally in God's hands.

So now we wait.


  1. I just read parts of your blog and was very touched by it. We too have gone through so much of the same stuff on our adoption journey. Our journey to decide to accept our 2 year old's referral, all of his surgeries, our families adfustment period. Sometimes I want to throw my hands in the air and scream, "What a ride!" (Not in a way that is giving up but in a I'm on the most emotional roller coaster I have ever been on!) Anyway, I love your blog and will follow your journey. Our blog is Blessings today as your sweet baby is in surgery! (Oh and by the way we are adopting again... our 5th child so just know that if God desires you to adopt again He will make that faint crack in the door open up wider!) Angie

  2. Warm hug! I am assuming that she's having palate surgery as I see her lip is repaired. I remember doing that with our Jolie Blu, who had palate surgery at 19 months.

    Does your sweet girl get ear tubes today, also?

    -Wanda Goodwin

  3. Praying for you today! I just saw your post on CCAIWCP and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sharing your blog. Very insightful posts and I am so happy to be able to follow along!
    Heather (FL) fellow CCAIWCP mommy